I Wish I Could Write

May 4, 2009
By SagaLiSela PLATINUM, Boonsboro, Maryland
SagaLiSela PLATINUM, Boonsboro, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"I love you."

Simple as that.

Or not that simple.

Cowering beneath a shield of moonlight,
I whisper to my delicate hands,
I wish that I could write…

I wish I could harness the fireflies
And bring them to form beautiful poetry
Upon their paper, the night skies

I wish I could paint pictures with words
Each detail being flawless and precise,
So the words may fly off the page, like birds

Foolish greediness consumes my soul
As wishes are tossed to the stars
Only to miss and fall into a black hole

I wish I could write as if words were a heart
I wish my words were soft like a cloud, but as dangerous as lightning
I wish I knew just were to start

But then I remember wishes are for hopeless dreamers
Whom enviously gaze upon stars,
Cowardly hiding away in the dark of night

I think I’d like to see a sunrise
And I’ll take my dreams and wishes with me
Create them so they may be seen by other’s eyes

The author's comments:
Sometimes I wish I could write.
Then I remember writing is an art that comes from experience not wishes.

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