good bye

May 4, 2009
By samantha travis SILVER, Northglenn, Colorado
samantha travis SILVER, Northglenn, Colorado
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relationships come and go

some are good and some are bad

they start out like a rollercoster exciting and fun

but then fade in to something dull and grey

when you first start going out you cant stop smiling

you feel complete like nothing can go wrong

but then you break up after several months

and your world feels like its tumbling down

your heart aches with pains like your getting stabbed

tears flow down your face

wondering how did we get to this place?

you think of the time you had with him

the laughs you have shared

the talks you had late at night on the phone

whispering so then your mom wont hear you

you think about how when you first started going out

it did not matter what people thought

because he liked you for you

you think about how he was there for you

when all you can do is cry

how he would wipe your tears from your face

how when you felt scared

he protected you

and would not let you go

you remember how when he held you in his arms

you felt like you belong there

how whenever a guy hit on you

he would come up and wrap his arms around your waist

as to say "she is mine"

no matter how bad we want things to work out

it doesn't always happen

it's never going to be like how it was

in the beginning

its never going to be a fairy tale

with a happily ever after

the feelings may stay

for one another

but the effort is what is lost

you feel each other drifting

but you do nothing

you know whats going to happen

as the conversation starts

you stay quiet

he goes on and on about how he feels

what he wants

you bite your tongue

so then nothing slips

he asks what you think

you say you agree

but the truth was you did not agree with him

you wanted to say no

that you don't think it's the best

you wanted to say all relationships have their ups and downs

that we should try to work it out

but you don't

because you want him to be happy

so you let him go

hoping it was the right thing to do

thinking "what if I spoke up?"

what would've happened

a couple weeks pass by

you see him around town one day

and wonder "does he ever think about me?"

relationships are confusing

they are full of pain

but it's better to once love

than never love at all

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