Secrets Told in Falling Rain

May 3, 2009

Tears from angel eyes
falling from a charcoal sky,
as curtains of liquid lace
dancing through the air.

I listen to the songs they sing
of time passing, the living and the dead.
they tell me of places far from here
the fears and joys of strangers there.

As they sing their falling songs
telling of lives and memories
tiny orbs of falling dreams
others hellish nightmares.

They dance out time,
The advent of the universe
of galaxies and stars,
of other worlds afar.

The sing to me of creation,
of life turning on its course
this cycle of eternal revolution
which we all fall upon.

Their stories quickly ending
as they absorb into the earth
their songs combining
into a abstract symphony.

Slowlly ceasing,
their rythym decending,
until all I see and hear,
Is the falling of the rain.

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