Negativity and Possitivity

May 1, 2009
By BalletShinigami GOLD, Roanoke, Texas
BalletShinigami GOLD, Roanoke, Texas
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up and down, turn around.
Touch the floor jump for more
high and low, through the sand and snow
left and right surley we will go
you see a light, then it goes dark
you see a cat, then it barks
opposite to opposite, possitive to possitive
techno geek, boys that reek
rough girls, new curls
day and night
take off and fly
reach the sky and never die
dance through the night, kick through the day
make a sculpture, make a bay
lather and rinse, mud that sprints
writing a note, texting a foe
seeing the water, feeling the lava
its getting hotta and hotta
opposites attract, but force away from each other
sister and brother
together one will be, or never be free

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