The Gap You Left In Me

May 1, 2009
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These past three years I've been completely sober of you,
But I've cleansed my heart and soul because now it's time to forget.
Though I'll never forget the smiles that you put on my face,
when I was sad and in the deepest of darkest moments.
Your hands were always there to accompany my innocent soul.
Through the times where my life took a turn for the worst,
when my very own father took his very last breath, you were the one to love me like I'd never loved before.
Those late nights we shared,
sitting, my life shattered, as we waited in the cold,
Because forever felt like nothing anymore.
Until you told me,
"I will love you forever and never let go."
But forever was a moment that I lost in my soul.
I couldn't even look at the pictures I had to hang,
so you hung them up for me and took away the pain.
You took away my sorrow for that first odd week, and in the chapel you held my hands when I was feeling weak.
Kneeling, crying, screaming on the floor,
You snatched my innocent soul left me begging you for more.
There we made a deep connection and I couldn't help myself
Because you were the one to save me when I was crying out for help!
You had loved me in the nights, when I'd cry and beg and plead.
Don't feel honored that I loved you,
You were just a want when I had a need- for another man in my life to spill the now empty space in my heart.
But you gave up on me because I was not "your kind,"
I was too young and too blinded to be struck by your love dart.
So you threw me on the curb, and once again I was stuck in my mind,
With bleeding wrists and bloodshot eyes.
But now I've learned my lesson, and I've cleansed myself from you
I don't need a careless guy to hug and give the rest of my life to!
Because I know I have my Dad, forever gone he may be.
But forever he's in my heart, filling the gap you left in me.

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snaaapangela said...
May 28, 2009 at 9:29 pm
wow, i know it's rough but you will get through it! thanks for reading <3
nicagirl66 said...
May 28, 2009 at 9:03 pm
this peom told me that theres other people suffereing. thank you. im sorry for what happen. i just lost my dad 10 months.
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