May 1, 2009
By KellyAnne BRONZE, Oxnard, California
KellyAnne BRONZE, Oxnard, California
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Remember Back When
You were a child
Laughing , Screaming
And running Wild

Nothing ever mattered
Cryed for 5 minutes
then forgot what it was about
The bestfriends , The crush
Little Kid stuff

Playing with friends
It couldnt get any better
Theres A new Girl in school
And i just met her

The feeling lasted forever
I thought it would never end
I wish i could
Repeat those memories
Over and over

Im only growing bigger
Things arent getting easy
The drama , My grades,
Hanging out with the wrong people

Growing deeper in drugs
Everything Fades
Friends Leave me
Why cant i go Back
To the good Ol' Days

Sometimes I just Wish
I could Curl Up in a ball
So i wouldnt
have to hear The drama
Just walking down the Hall

Young Child years are over
For now Realitys here
Im getting Older
The stress Gets Bolder
The only Thing That helps is not being sober

Thiss isnt who i am
Some sights i hate to see
What happend To the little
Child i used to be

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