May 1, 2009
By @SH!3Y BRONZE, Washougal, Washington
@SH!3Y BRONZE, Washougal, Washington
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Darkness hits
she falls to the ground

No one see's she's
dying inside

Trying so hard to
hide the pain

She sits alone
not a soul knows her name

She cries in the corner
weeping in fear

They all pass her by
not lifting a ear

She prays and she prays
will anybody save me

She's been lost and undone
for so long

The light comes now
she lifts up her head

She hears a small whisper
dont worry, I'm here

The world may not see you
but I hold you dear

The others may be far
but I promise I'm always here

Everytime a tear falls form your eyes I weep inside

She wipes her tears
and stands up tall

She takes off her mask
she's worn for years

She walks into the world
not afraid to be hear

She keeps moving forward
not turning her head

She walks and walks
with him by her side

She puts on a smile
because she is now living inside

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