unloved, i wanna love you.

May 1, 2009
i wanna be the first person you think of when you arise.
i wanna be the couple that never fights.
i wanna be that fire in your eyes.
i wanna be the one you dream of every night.
unloved, i wanna love you.

your smile makes my heart skip a beat.
your words are so amazingly put together; like they came right out of a book.
your eyes, when i stare into them, make me trip over my own feet.
your lips, i bet, taste as good as those snake bites make them look.
unloved, i wanna love you.

i’ll be loyal till the end, i swear.
i’ll be there for you through the most incredible times and the most ugly.
i’ll always think you look gorgeous, no matter what you wear.
i’ll forever be happy to see you, even if you show up really early.
unloved, i wanna love you.

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