May 1, 2009
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There were promises made when forever didn’t seem so far away.
Back when things were simple and distance didn’t have a say.
A thousand miles from here to there
Only a few days at a time
She was happy and hopeful.
He was afraid to speak his mind.
December comes around, and things come to a “mutual” end.
He promised he’d always be there.
He promised he’d always be her friend.
As it turns out, he treated her as if she meant nothing at all.
Then, a friend from way back when came along and caught her in her fall.
Both were scared and hurting.
They helped each other through their pain.
Neither of them ever dreamed of what they were about to gain.
Now their relationship has strengthened in friendship, trust, and, most importantly, love.
It seems fate has brought them together like a match made up above.
The girl now looks at this person who carefully holds her heart,
And she wonders why she didn’t notice this from the very start.
He’s the one who picked her up when her world was falling down.
He’s the one who pulled a smile up from a deep-set frown.
He’s the one who got her through it all.
He’s the one who kept her standing tall.
He’s the one who reached out to be a friend.
He’s the one.
He’s her godsend.

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