The Angel in my Dream

May 1, 2009
By Jeffrey Segura BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Jeffrey Segura BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Her lips
Her mile
Her voice

Are things that i would like to hear and see
for the rest of my life but i know that that is not possible.
but it still doesnt stop me from dreaming.

it is every day that i wish i could see her,
at least for a second
and in thagt second, my heart stops,
and everything around me is silent.
andv we stare at each other,
and her eyes lore me into a deep spell,
in which im falling.

My only wish is to keep on falling,
to finally reach the end
of this mysery of not having her,
but it is my body that betrays my mind.
and we are now again starring at each other.

she begins to walk away,
im only left with the voices in my head
thay will not stop telling me,
what i could have done;
what i could have said.
but it is too late

i once again ran out of time.
and here i stand alone,
with memories of her passing through my mind,
and in every one i cant help but smile
knowing that every second i spent with her
are the seond in my life that i would never forget.

But it is the softness of her lips
the beauty of her smile
and the sound of her voice that makes me think that makes me think
that life is just a dream

a dream that i wish to never wake out of
a dream
in which i met a girl.
an angel
an angel that i cant have.

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