A Transfer of Mind

May 1, 2009
By Rachel Miller BRONZE, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Rachel Miller BRONZE, Los Alamos, New Mexico
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It’s not very often that you can look
Out into the world and see what you missed the
Day before
It’s never up to you to choose where everything
Falls into place
It just falls.
The world is so
Sometimes as a light comes towards you with crashing speed
And all this wonder and good is granted to your very palms
You have no time to think whether or not you want to
Take it….
As a life is lost, you mourn.
You are ready to mourn even before they go; it’s so easy to
Shed tears.
As a life is stolen, as a world has flipped inside a being
We mourn for them too
But that’s not what they need, that’s not an optional
How long can we stay numb, how long does it take for one thought
To even begin to fade
Memories echo, it’s how they stay alive within the mind
So how, then, can we still be afraid to think?
After all we have been through, after time has held us in its grasp
Why does the fright never go away?
Look out into the sky; believe you can touch it because
Some day
It will all come crashing down and as that sun falls through the sky
As the world comes to chaos and hell is risen between
Empty sidewalks and broken pavement
You will be the first to say that you have touched a
The world is so
The apple of your eye is rotten to the
An unsafe safe of no regret can be the first to
Inflict pain
Though the sun won’t shine, though the clouds consume
Your leftovers, it can’t rain everyday.
Paint me a rainbow. Come with me to watch it fade away,
Marvel at the dissolving colors.
It will be grand, and we will be full of skittles.
Take what’s left of me: It’s all yours.
I’ve spent too long tying to put the pieces back together,
Trying to figure out why they are so shattered, and have obsessed
Over finding more glue….
The world is so

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