Sweet summer air

May 1, 2009
By Brittany Hodge BRONZE, Darien Center, New York
Brittany Hodge BRONZE, Darien Center, New York
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As I lay here in this hospital bed,
I wonder why,
What happened to the life I had,
Why do I have to die?

It was that summer night,
The party of the year,
One girl picked a fight,
All I saw was fear,

She cracked a bottle over Sam’s head,
Everyone shouting, swearing,
All I saw was red,
The view I had was horrible,
Soon he would be lying in a deathbed,

The glass shattered everywhere,
One boy cried for help,
I looked up in that sweet summer air,
Even started to yelp,

The ambulance came down the dirt road,
Everyone scattering away,
Away goes that carload,
I never thought this would be Sam’s last day,

Tears running down my face,
I just needed to leave,
Slowly beginning to pace,
There was one goal I wanted to achieve,
That whole night I wanted to erase,
Now it was time to leave,

I got in my car without a fear,
My mom couldn’t find out,
All that I could hear,
Was her voice beginning to shout,
Why did you do this, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,

Watching my friends scatter,
I begin to doze off,
My teeth beginning to chatter,
It was time to takeoff,
My car began to clatter,
My body began to cough,
The bright lights behind me,
I would have been better off,

To stay at that big party,
Live with the consequences,
The road was all swampy,
People behind me couldn’t be more of ***,

They got right up on my back side,
I began to swerve,
So much for that joyride,
My car began to curve,

I was wrapped around a tree,
My head began to bleed,
My eyes were covered, I couldn’t see,
My mom is what I need,

I got a ride in the ambulance,
Straight to the hospital I went,

There was nothing but silence,
What had happened to me?
I was hooked up to many machines,
Maybe I was dying,

It turned out to be my friend Tom,
That decided to hit me,
He had to tell my mom,
That I got wrapped around a tree.

The author's comments:
I know people who have expirenced situations like this, and i want kids to know out there that anything can happen if you don't make one right choice. Also my English teacher is retiring and his one goal was to get somehthing of his students into the magazine Teen Ink before he leaves. I would love for him to achieve his wish.

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