May 1, 2009
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As I lay down to count the last letter of the 26, I dose off to a realm where anything is possible, no matter the level of reality. All goes light, as I see nothing around me. Then an image slowly fades in the way of my eyes. I see large white objects. They are large, white, soft and fluffy. All I could think was…………….clouds. They where everywhere, even where my feet came in contact with the floor. The clouds were the floors. Soft melodies played softly over and over again in my ear. “ Let the gate’s bell dangle, as you dream of your angel.” Over and over these winged beauties sang. As some sang, some played the herpes. As I walked a large set of a golden chrome gate doors shielded my path. “Let me in. I cried. I only got the angel’s song, and not a reply. Was I not worthy of an answer? Or was I not worthy to enter heaven’s doors.

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