Cries of the Wolf

May 1, 2009
I have heard
Of a foke lore
A tale among tales
That if you truly love man and animal
You can hear the cries of the wolf
I never thought my father’s words would apply to me
I didn’t know how to love man
For my parents and I would fight every day and every night
I never thought much of our cruel words we said to each other
Until one night I went to bed crying
The fight my mother and I had was the worst one yet
I told my mother “I hate you!”
My tears led me to sleep
I saw a small child
She was laughing as she ran to a man and woman
“Mommy! Daddy!”
The ma picked her up and smiled at her
The woman smiled at her family
I woke up a short time later to a dark room
I turned on my light and walked out to the front room
My mother was sitting on the couch crying
I knelt down to her and cried on her knee
“I love you mom”
She hushed me and patted my head
I looked up at her
“I will always love you, my daughter”
She kissed my forehead
I smiled back at her and stood up
As I turned off my light I heard a howl outside my window
I looked out the window at the star-filled sky
I smiled to myself as I realized
I have always loved man
Even if we fight we are still a family
I know now that I will always hear the cries of the wolf
As long as I love my family
I will be one with the mighty wolf.

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