I Closed My Eyes

May 1, 2009
I close my eyes
And there are demons galore
Opened I know
That they’re there
Waiting at my door

In the shadows
They do plague
Stalwart hell hounds
They do prey
Wandering my halls and hallows
Constantly leering at me
Forever glaring at me

I grin
Almost wishing they’d cry
Nevermore! Nevermore!
That tried ancient rhyme
To release this curse on me
To finally end my misery

But still the imps do crawl
‘Cross my ceiling
They do move
Burrowing into my nooks and crannies

Just to sit
Just to flit

Pity now
As they do slit
Sliding ‘cross my floor
Grinning as they mock
‘Nevermore, nevermore!’

Forevermore I am bound
Not in lunacy
But with simple eyes discontented
To forever watch
The forever unpleasant

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