Love is...

April 30, 2009
Love is gorgeous.
Love is mournful.
We spend a great deal of time running and hiding from it,
but despite our precautions we fall.
Our hearts run with a mind of their own and overpower our brains,
Love controls our everyday lives.
Only too late do we realize that we had mistaken lust or friendship for love.
Then we search endlessly for love only to make the same mistakes again,
untill one day in the distant future we're lucky we're lucky enough to stumble upon someone who brings out our most beautiful side and whom we can do the same for,
all the time glorifying God, our ultimate match maker in our relationship.
Love is gorgeous.
Love is mournful.
Love foreverchanges ones mind and heart.

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Lynette said...
Jun. 17, 2009 at 4:18 am
Hahahaha it is isn't it.........
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