Into it

April 30, 2009
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She is happy,
or at least that's what she tries to tell herself.
She has a loving family,
great network of friends,
does consistently well academically,
and gets compliments for being pretty.
What more can she asks for?
Many other girls would have been happy,
living a life she leads.
But she is still lost,
trying to find her inner voice,
her true calling.
She lives a life trying to please others,
especially her peers,
her best friends.
Maybe she tries too hard,
out of fear that she will be abandoned otherwise.
She has been hurt too many times,
by the ones dearest to her,
but she forgives them all the time,
sometimes even being the one to ask for forgiveness.
She lives in this constant state of insecurity,
of doubts that her friends are truly there for her,
of worry that she is not their priority.
She hates herself sometimes,
for being a people-pleaser,
for being afraid of not making others happy.
In the end,
she is the one left in misery,
unhappy of herself,
hating the world for bringing this upon herself.
Is this what she wants?
she asks herself.
No, but it's what she has put herself into.

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xXxFallingTearsxXx said...
Jun. 9, 2009 at 12:59 am
wow, i love this poem! i can really relate to it. great job on this :)
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