Grandpa Charlie Copple

April 30, 2009
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I will never forget my grandpa Charlie. His sweet and lingering scent of Absorbine Jr., Classic Old Spice, and nicotine. His loud excited raspy voice. The inappropriate jokes at the dinner table. His old dried calloused hands. The hard to find size 7 ½ triple E Wellington boots. The Dickie blue jeans. See through polyester snap front shirts. A different trucker hat every day. His blue and yellow Michelin Tire jacket. Lectures about the government cheating us out of money. Presidents never succeeding good enough in his eyes. Will tell you an amazing story from “back in the day” anytime you want. Loves two-stepping. The song Guitars and Cadillacs. A cup of coffee makes his day. Everything will be worth something some day. He is a rare never missed a day of work 75-year-old. Done everything you can imagine and more. His famous words before he leaves the house, “Take er’ cool.” Old westerns, John Wayne, and Becker. He is known by everybody from the western border of Montana to the eastern. Strongly speaks his opinions. Is late to every family get together. Expert at poker. Takes cat naps that last for a day. Once was confused if it was morning or night. Caring. Unselfish. Very much loved. My Grandpa Charlie.

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