The Day the Bell Rang Late

April 30, 2009
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It was Friday, last period
As I sat listening to a boring loll
Just waiting for that heavenly toll
The seconds ticked by
The teacher droned on
All together creating a monotonous song
2 seconds until 3
1 second until I'm free
3 o'clock
The professor continued as if nothing was wrong
No one seemed aware of the missing bong
5 seconds after 3
Did I die of boredom?
Had the world come to an end?
Was this my eternal afterlife?
Why was God punishing me?
What had I done?
The teacher turned around
The room became very hot
He looked straight at me and put me on the spot
The once sleeping students opend their eyes
All mocking me and my certain demise
That was when it finally came
The wonderful clang that put away my shame
The bell had at last rung
School was done
The clock read 5 minutes after 3

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