Do You Hear the Voices?

April 30, 2009
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Do you hear the voices,
The boy who calls for aid?
Who tries so hard to fit the mold,
But in his soul betrayed?

Unable to accept himself,
A boy who lost his heart.
Loves a man, though told it’s wrong,
Soon he will depart.

Do you hear the voices,
The guy living on the street?
Not fit to work at just fifteen,
And now unable to eat.

Father made him leave his home,
Mother didn’t care.
Was crushing on the boy next door,
Sees now that life’s not fair.

Do you hear the voices,
The girl who’s left behind?
Spilled her heart to whom she loves,
Hoped she’d respond in kind.

Teased, outcast, rejected,
By the one she called best friend,
Cries alone, feeling a freak,
With her pain she can’t contend.

Do you hear the voices,
The kid who has no hope?
Always the target, always abused,
Now at the end of life’s rope.

Lost in deep depression,
A smile to feign “okay,”
Looking for salvation,
A head bowed low to pray.

Do you hear the voices,
The child who doesn’t fit?
When asked if they are boy or girl,
To neither will admit.

Stands outside the bathroom,
Unsure which one to use,
Not girl or boy, but in-between,
Yet always forced to choose.

Do you hear the voices,
The man that stands so tall?
So similar to other guys,
An audience he enthralls.

He tells his tale, of pain and strife,
Of failing to fit in.
Of teenage girl, who tried so hard,
To show the man within.

Do you hear the voices,
The girl who cries in fear?
Society shuns this teenager,
Who’s not as she appears.

No one’s there to save her,
To keep the wolves at bay.
As night begins, she walks the street
For surgery, she’ll pay.

Do you hear the voices,
Of those the world forgot?
Who tried so hard to be the same,
But found that they could not?

They do not wish to hurt you,
Though you may not feel the same.
Unwanted by so many,
Their confidence they must claim.

Do you hear the voices,
That ask you not to hate?
We aren’t bad we’re just ourselves,
I’m sure you can relate.

We cannot change what’s in our hearts,
Do you think that you could?
We’ll be ourselves, and you be you,
As God says that we should.

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babybuddha said...
Mar. 20, 2014 at 5:32 pm
Your beautiful words completely captured the torment and anguish that many go and are going through. I truly hope that you have finally found the acceptance and happiness that you so deserve. I would like to chat with you about your poem, if possible?
Evelyn said...
Aug. 8, 2009 at 5:44 pm
loved it. wonderful work. continue writing, because God has given u a magnificent gift.
xXsmileXx This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 10, 2009 at 7:37 pm
Its poems like these that open peoples eyes. People pass judgements everyday about anything they can thats different, no matter what it is. And everyday, people get hurt. This poem was really good and it certainly opened my eyes a little wider. Great work!
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