I'm scared of losing...

April 30, 2009
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I listen so that I can block everything out.
Everyone that knows me well, knows that me and my headophones are inseperable.
Without them, I am lost in a world of loss,
and confusion,
of hurt,
and of pain,
and loss.
And I'm scared of losing.
I've lost so many people
and I'm afraid of losing just one more.
So I listen to music,
and lose myself.
So that if I lose again
maybe I wont be able to tell.
Because music is on a differnt planet and loss is on Earth.
The planet where we stopped carring, loving, and we forgot how much loss hurts.
I may as well more to pluto.
Which should be a planet in my mind.
That is if they have music on pluto.
I'm scared of losing...

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Evelyn said...
Aug. 8, 2009 at 5:47 pm
good job, well written, and had hard core feelings! keep it up!
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