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April 30, 2009
By annablue04horses GOLD, Londonderry, New Hampshire
annablue04horses GOLD, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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A glimmering afternoon in the dazzling sunshine
Watching the patches of clear white cotton ball-like clouds pass by.
Laying on the soft bedding of perfect green grass
Next to my black colt who is sleeping peacefully.
All of the sounds close by such as the weeping stream
To the sounds of the baby horse’s breaths.
With the colt’s protective mother watching the both of us
As doze of into the silence of the pasture.
The baby colt finally awakes and going over to his mother to feed
While I watch curiously as the mother licks hers son’s gleaming coat.
Scanning the horizon of fields of colts, fillies, mares, and others
Gleeful to see that all of the baby equines were happily playing in the sun.
The jet black colt that was sucking nutritious milk from his mother
Was calling me over to dance and leap in the sunshine of the pastures.
After a long time when the sun was starting sink back into the horizon
My mother called me in for dinner witch then called me back to reality.
Frustrated I was that all my dreams are never true
Then something real drags me back into reality.
Grumpily I walk back into the house
But mostly hearing the colt’s whinny for treats and gentle care.
I couldn’t stand walking away from my dreams
I ran back to be with him and the others all around.

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