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April 30, 2009
By sprinkels-of-tears BRONZE, Eagle River, Wisconsin
sprinkels-of-tears BRONZE, Eagle River, Wisconsin
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What You’ve Done

If only you could see what you’ve done
The feelings you’ve caused
The things I have seen
You might not know it, but you’ve ruined me
Over the years I took your lies
I shed some tears but wiped them aside
I tried to look through all the pain that you’ve caused
You said it was the depression, and all the other things you had
You said there was no help, so I bore with you through the struggle
Then the divorce came, like a crash in the night
You made a mistake and it nearly cost you your life
You caused so many nightmares
So many unspoken thoughts
If only you could see what you’ve done
Your second man hurt you but you didn’t leave
I worried he’d hurt me, but you disagreed
I was about ready to give up, but then you got out
You moved far away and it seemed I had lost you
I didn’t really mind until the fights rose again
You argued over me and cried over me
You yelled at my dad and made him sad too
I could not take it anymore
I was ready to be done
They found out my feelings though
So I could not run
I tried to talk to you, and get you some help
But you twisted my words and made me feel awful
It wasn’t my fault but you made it seem that way
My attempts seemed useless and not worth the struggle
I gave you my pity and gave you my heart
But you screwed it up when you walked in that bar
You choose a bad guy and he hurt you too
Again I tried to help
But you ignored my pleas
There really was no point anymore
I’m just trying to help
But if you can’t see through my eyes, then you’ll never know
So I’m trying one more time
I hope it sinks in
If you don’t help yourself then I’m done with you
I hope you help yourself mom
You don’t deserve this
But I don’t deserve these tears
I really do love you and I always will

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