The Things I've Lost

April 30, 2009
Friends come and go
Families supposed to stay,
But what happens
When neither is that way?

You could cry in bed at night
Missing those you've lost

You could shrink at the sight
Of all the payments and costs

But relity still attained
You must realize
That through this nothing can be gained
Only lost

Sure I miss the ones I loved
I miss them a whole lot,
But for madness not to gain
Not to live it's nasty bet
I must always keep in mind
My sanity check!

Do I love who I am?
Or who I was yesterday?

And do I smile everyday?
And laugh and play?

Do I appreciate the little things
Like the leaves falling to the ground?

Or the birds wings
Soaring them around?

Have I complimented someone
On how beautiful they are

Just by being them
And shining like a star?

Did you think that was it?
The end of my happy go lucky sanity list?
Nope! We're not finished yet!
I still have things left to check!

Have I cried recently
When I was down?

Did I lose a friend
That I prayed I had so sound?

Have I loved and lost?
Experienced an emotion no other person sought?

More importantly then that,
Have I realized all my sap
Those things I felt saddened because they didn't last
I've gainded them all double back?

If I've lost this list
Or you see I've left it lying around
Please give it back
I sure would like my sanity found!

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YeseniaG said...
Jul. 27, 2009 at 9:02 pm
this was good... i like the message and the lines "Have i loved and lost?/Experienced and emotion no other person sought?" are really inventive
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