A Day of Black

April 30, 2009
By <its_kimberly^ BRONZE, Clanton, Alabama
<its_kimberly^ BRONZE, Clanton, Alabama
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I see.
White doves,all the tears,faces full of fear,and
A gold cross standing.

and i see black
black dresses and pants,herses,lil.
girls purses and caskets.
I hear.
rain hitting the top of the tent we
sit silently beneath.

I hear.
all the whispers and sighs of all
the people who cry,but the one that overhear all is the sound of
my .slightly.unsteady.broken. heart

I feel.

No pain or sorrow
Bitterness or grief
only the worst of all

theres nothing more hurtful than

A Day of Black

The author's comments:
[i actually wrote this for one my best friends] when her aunt that she was very close to passed away.
she told me that this was exactly how she felt!!!
so i hope you like it..:)

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