~Way Back When

April 30, 2009
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~way back when almost a year ago
there was a feeling i should have never let go

~way back when almost a year ago
ther was a feeling i was forced to let go

~i woke up that march morning with an awful feeling inside
going to school no knowing what was going to happen

~sitting at lunch i looked out the doors
i saw across the street, paramedics lifting somebody of the ground

~now it was time to go back to class as i sit in horror
not knowin what has happened as i let the time pass

~slowly the end of the day came near
i hear the rumors and i wonder in fear

~can the rumors be true, has he gone
i run to my teacher, my best friend, asking whats going on

~all she did was hugged me and said 'i know you wereclose to him but he's really gone.'

~that was the first time i've ever cried
when somebody close to me has ever died

~way back when almost a year ago
there was a horrible feeling i let go

~way back when almost a year ago
there was a feeling i will always regret letting go

~this feeling was so horrible it made me sick
the anger toward the people surrounding me

~the ones who laughed because he's dead~
~the ones that laughed because i cried~
~the ones that cried because they made fun of him~

~the way i can't see his smile ever again

~we went to church every wednesday night
and prayed to GOD that he could keep up the fight

~way back when almost a year ago
i went to church just hoping he would show

all i saw when i arrived was tears
of the ones who prayed for him all through his years

but GOD decided it was time for him to part
all because of his failed heart

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Warm_My_Heart said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 5:43 pm
I am so sorry for your loss.
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