Logic Vs. Illogic

April 30, 2009
By beautifuldisaster SILVER, Mena, Arkansas
beautifuldisaster SILVER, Mena, Arkansas
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I don't like this
These feelings
I hate them

My life
Too complicated
Why does this happen

A tangled knot
In the pit
Of my stomach

Fear is my know how
I understand it
I know what is says

Inside I'm screaming
I can't do this
I was illogical

Logic is my companion
My own is my own
My mind is my heart

My heart loves
The universe
It cannot betray

My real heart
Is scarred now
Ripped from my chest

The stars and the moon
My companions
They know me

The moon is my mother
The stars my kindred
My family

My heart is
The universe
My one love

Logic is pure
The illogical
Is no more

Love is betrayal
I know
I've been there before

Now I'm cold
Just like a star

I can love
I will not

I cannot
Never again
I hate this
My chaos
My pain

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