Adam Luther

April 30, 2009
By AshleyElizabeth GOLD, Abingdon, Illinois
AshleyElizabeth GOLD, Abingdon, Illinois
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I was fairly popular.
I played sports and I was strong.
Every year,
My friends and I would pull a prank on somebody.
This year, it was serious.
We wanted to burn down a barn.
So, on a hot summer night,
We put gasoline on the hay in the barn.
My friends were excited.
We came out and was going to light it.
I looked at my wrist to see what time it was
But my watch wasn’t there.
“I must’ve lost it in the barn.”
I went into the barn forgetting to tell my friends I was.
The match was lit and my friend threw it on the barn.
The barn quickly caught on fire
And I couldn’t get out.
Smoke filled my lungs.
Dropping to my knees,
I knew there was no hope.
The fire caught up to me and it ate me alive.

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