Chocolate Kiss

April 30, 2009
By alyssaa BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
alyssaa BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
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The Chocolate Kiss

In the kitchen,
I laugh at my mess of slimy cookies,
The mess of powder all over the counter,
And at my grandparents as the sit and watch,
I was 5
I think about,
The time we spent on putting together puzzles,
The rainbow brite books we read over and over,
The workout tapes we always did that made us tired,
I was 5.
The way she always gave me a chocolate kiss,
The way I stole my grandpa’s hat and ran around,
The way they chased me all about hoping to catch me,
The way we laughed and joked around about random things,
I was 5.
He tried to teach me to love football so I could watch it with him,
She tried to teach me how to knit so I could make her something,
They tried to teach me to read a book, which was working out well,
They really taught me care, love and what a real family was like,
I was 5.

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