were was you

April 30, 2009
By lonnie landers BRONZE, St.joseph, Missouri
lonnie landers BRONZE, St.joseph, Missouri
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Were you there for me nope?
Strangers had to show me ropes
I prayed and prayed that you was there
But you never came back to love and care
I had visions that you would be my hero I was a fool
I saw the other dads pick their sons up after school
They look so happy and full of joy
You left my life when I was a little boy
I wanted somebody to teach me to ball
Or someone to tell me to get back up when I fall
You left me with a wondering mind
I had dreams of you coming back when I was nine
If you was to die I wouldn’t shed tear
Its not you that I hate its your love that I fear
It’s just sorry to say you wasn’t around
My love for you is in the lost and found
My life would have been better I bet
The terrible part is we never meet
My heart is crushed and I hate you to death

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