April 30, 2009
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When is your ocean pure, my love?
When does the tide come in?
When does the ocean sweep away the silence
and laugh when we've lost our hope?
When will your ocean leave me alone
and deposit me somewhere on the coast?

Why will our ocean leave me, my love
when it knows I’ve got nowhere to go?
Why does your ocean forget the white water
that played with me in the sun?
Why does the tide pick me up
then throw me on the ground?
Why can your ocean hear me scream
when I’m not even making a sound?

How can your ocean sleep, my love,
when no one is by it’s side?
How can you say it doesn’t talk
when it told me its secrets and lies?
Why do you think I can’t understand
the stories that it tells?
Who do you think wrote them, my love?
I know them better than you.

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teacher said...
May 25, 2009 at 11:48 pm
Way to go!! This is beautiful. Continue using your talent. So proud of you.
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