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April 30, 2009
By Taylor Whited BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Taylor Whited BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I’m so tired of this endless circle of pain
So tired of feeling all this blame
I dunno why people keep messing with my name,
I’m dying inside cause of all this shame
I just wish I could go back to the way it was
I’m angered off cause it seems people have forgotten to love
What happened to the time when rapping was done just for fun?
It’s always gotta mean something and man I’m done
With the stupidity of earth
Worse, twelve year old girls giving birth.
Sure, I know we can’t fix it all,
But I’m pretty upset at how far we’ve fallen
Athletes paid through their teeth cause they play with balls and
But no money to the hero’s of the world trade center
And those Africans, what did they have for dinner?
Nothing, but we don’t care, we’re all about winners.
Sinners, liars, one of a kind….
Too focused on themselves to worry about our lives.
“Oh well, 30 people just died,
but I think I’m just gonna go for a ride
In my Lamborghini, so self-absorbed they don’t see
All these soldiers who are dying to keep them atop this tree
Of politics, so corrupted, so bad
That not even the devil would lend them a hand
Who gave them the freedom to mess up the country anyway?
I once heard an old man say with pride,
“I fought in the war so my grandchild could live the life”
Now, looking at his life, its quite a sight,
Fifteen years old, he thinks he’s cool,
spending his free time graffiting the school,
But if only he knew what his grandfather has been through,
He wouldn’t be so bad, but he keeps going, the story just gets so sad.
Age Seventeen, he’s seen with drugs….
Doesn’t care about his family, just wants to be on top of those bugs.
At nineteen he dies, doesn’t even hug his mom goodbye.
Now what do you think of the grandfathers sacrifice?
I was talking to a friend last night, laughing, sharing stories, having a great time
Then she said she was sexually abused when she was nine.
I asked her how she was with it, she said fine, but I think she was lying.
To do that to another human, there is no worse crime,
Kinda like stealing a starving mans very last dime.
(Which he probably did as well) I sincerely hope he goes to ring bells.
Now, go spread what I’m saying around,
let them know I’m not playing around.
And let’s get the people of earth to stop laying around.

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