I Am Convinced

April 30, 2009
one BFF, from the start to the end.
I dont need anyone to fill the void in my heart.
Because you've accomplished that, right from the start.

I am convinced that a knife is just a game.
To mess with my mind, to make me go insane.
But insanity dies, when im with you.
Because i know you dont speak lies, only the truth.

I've learned in life, that it's only a game.
Shoot or be shot,
Play or be played.
But none of that matters,
you make that all go away.
You're one-in-a-million
it's that easy to say.

Iguess that sums it up,
what i'd came to say.
Now i'll live by what you've shown me,
Every, Single, Day.

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