April 30, 2009
By KellyAnne BRONZE, Oxnard, California
KellyAnne BRONZE, Oxnard, California
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Eyes out of sight nothing is clear
I hear shouting and screaming a
And its drowning me in fear
I was scared Of what would happen
I didnt wanna hurt you
I didnt wanna stay at this place of uncomfort, On day i realized true loved isnt waiting another day
The thing i didnt recall Is all this did was hurt Things would be so much better is i pushed them all away,Concentrated on You This felt like a new start And that everyone else would carelessly break my heart Suddenly i break down for you have said times up Then My heart skips a beat and i watch each tear drop Trapped in this pain i just cant escape The only thing that helps is the happy filled pill So ill take one or two and for the nigt ill lay still Waking up remembering Its all over now Time to say goodbye ,and watching you fall for this girl
is the last sight i see Even though its not me making you smile
I hope i can support you ant least for a little while My sight once again fades to a blur confessing everything to you makes everything pure At least now you know the truth and im not far awayTake one step back and here in my arms you can stay Im sorry for the truth im sorry for the pain im sorry for the day i kissed you in the rain
Just know its all gone far
That was then this is now
Forever you'll know how i feel about you The days are passing by and its all gone away The memories of you and i are all thats left to stay.

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