April 30, 2009
By UniqueSpirit BRONZE, Robersonville, North Carolina
UniqueSpirit BRONZE, Robersonville, North Carolina
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I know we didn't make any promises..
But I expected something to happen
I expected you to feel for me as I feel for you
I expected you to love me..
But instead all I received was this feeling a heartache
I feel empty without you..
I long to hear your voice ..
I dreamed of you finally whispering those three words in my ears
But instead all I received is rejection
It was then that i realized that I can't make you into who I want you to be
All this time I've prayed that you'd be the one
I was so caught up in my own fantasy that I didn't see you for who you really are
I tried to make you into someone you're not
Now Im full of heartache..
And it won't go away
It's cast it's shadow upun me..
And I cant fight it off
I still want you, and you know it
That's why you continue to play with my heart
You knew how much I opened up to you
I trusted you!!
I don't hate you..
I could never hate you
But I hope you know what you're given me
You've given me the knowledge of what heartache truly is
Now I know that my heart is precious..
And someone like you who brings only heartache into a relationship is not worth my love

The author's comments:
I wrote this awhile ago. I was going through my first little "heartbreak"..hope you like it1

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