April 30, 2009
By gimpy09 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
gimpy09 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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Empty souls deceiving time,
Reading our thoughts through the eyes of the blind.
Holding back uncryable tears,
Forced to live off other’s fears.
Afraid death will take them,
To the hell they are forced to call home.
Having no choice but to always be alone,
Living in darkness because of their sins.
Almost in reach but never able to win,
Hiding from the light God bestows upon the world.
It tears and burns their faces,
Religion describes them as deceitful disgraces.
Forced to serve the dark prince we are all to terrified to hate,
Knowing for them it’s just to late.
Their stories have been written,
Their lives have come to an end.
Their hearts no longer needing to be mend,
I leave this story here,
With the thought…If a demon had a wish…
Would it be to cry just one last tear?

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