The calm before a storm

April 30, 2009
By Shana Dillinger BRONZE, Whitehall, Michigan
Shana Dillinger BRONZE, Whitehall, Michigan
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I hate the way you remind me of a thunderstorm
The way the violent wind, rain and lightening shake me…
You shake me
And yet I find myself unable to resist stepping out into the madness
Not having the power to run for cover
The lightening that flashes across the sky, lighting up the clouds
That’s your smile, your laugh
The way it lights me up
The thunder that calms me
Draws me to you
The way everything about you is dark
The same peaceful dark in the fury of a storm
The warm rain that pores from the sky
Washes over me like a kiss
A kiss that shuts my body down
Unable to think, breath, feel, anything but you
A kiss that shuts me down like a power outage
The thousands of rain drops soak me
They remind me of a thousand thoughts that drown me
I think I could fall for you, maybe I could love you, I know I adore you…
When the lights come back on in the morning,
I look for you…
I find traces of you, here and there…
But in the moment
I think you tricked me into believing that you were something that would last
I miss the serenity that you gave me
The calm in your arms
It was so much like the calm before a storm
Oh, and did it ever storm.

The author's comments:
This poem is about a boy who obviously reminds me of a thunderstorm and I am basicly crazy about him...if only I knew he felt the same.

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