Definition of a Good Friend

April 29, 2009
By Anonymous

I’m naïve and foolish but don’t let that fool you
I’ll be right here whenever there is something wrong
Some days traffic is too bad so let me help you across the street
Sometimes we trip over our own two feet
We trip and we fall, we bruise and we bleed
Sometimes a band-aid isn’t enough of what we need
Life is like math, sometimes we just need to add
Subtract from all the bad to find the right answer
Sometimes the answer isn’t clear, like a cloudy day
Let me be the weather man to brighten up your day
As God said before “treat others like you would treat yourself”
I care for me and also for you
Lightning is comes fast and leave quick
But don’t think of me as it
I’ll follow through and stand up tall
I’ll help you get pass it all
We don’t have the same eyes or the same brains
But I can still understand what goes by everyday
If you’re too upset and just have to frown
You can count on me to smile for you when you can’t

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