My Friend

April 29, 2009
After all this comotion

I thought I could confide in you

we use to be one, but now were two.

Everytime I feel ahead

you put me down,

everytime I smile

you crush it to a frown.

I tell you im changing

but that you dont see,

gullable and niave I was

I feel progress

but you see the old me.

I expect people to hurt me

cuz thats what people do,

I accept that I cry

but why always cuz of you?

I tell you my problems

so from them I dont just run,

but you dont help

you just make me feel dumb.

How can the boy I run to

when I dont agree with me,

inside, flaws is all he see's?

agreeing to be labeled as friends

was a big mistake,

I ask for advice

and yours are heartaches.

I asked you to just be there

was that too much?

to just say ok its ok or to make me smile,

you know no such.

But I asked for this friend

and feelin low formyour advice is what I get

I dont think that when I asked for a friend,

This is what I meant.

I dont have too much pride inside for me not to not listen

but to me it seems your always dissen.

I just sit there and listen

and feel the hurt slowly emerge

The friend I need is killin me

With his words.

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