Missing those Days

April 29, 2009
By Birch BRONZE, Shorewood, Minnesota
Birch BRONZE, Shorewood, Minnesota
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I miss the days when
You and I were one
When our names had no spaces between them
And the “and” was not joining two
But simply part of one

I miss the days when
I had time
To tell you how much I loved you
When I could write you notes for no reason
And call you every night

I miss the days when
I had school, chores, then you
And I didn’t miss my free time
Because with you I was free
And could soar on updrafts of love

I miss the days when
You always came to mind
When I needed a friend
Or to go adventuring
Even just for talking

I miss the days when
You were first for me
And I was first for you
And it didn’t matter about others
All we needed was us

I miss the days when
Things were simpler
And there wasn’t so much responsibility
So many other things
To take our attention and time away

I miss the days when
I told you absolutely everything
But now it seems
There’s never enough time to say it
And you don’t ask

I miss the days when
We danced in the rain
And sang without caring
And we would run high and low
For the joy of the rushing wind

I miss the days when
We rolled in the grass
And drank from the stream
To feel the freshness of
Wild nature unbounded

I miss the days when
We searched the sky
But instead
Found what we looking for in each other’s eyes
Those days

But now things change
Go with the flow
Roll with the punches
Ride the waves

But please lets not forget
The days that are gone
When our simple vocabulary was enough to say
“I love you”

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