Where I'm From

April 29, 2009
By Ali Felman SILVER, Mission, Kansas
Ali Felman SILVER, Mission, Kansas
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Where I’m from
We believe in the power of wealth.
We live on crumbs and cling to the worn-out threads
Of those above us.
We coast off the inferior
Taking for granted what we truly need
And pining, always pining for the impossible.
We dream and wish for what isn’t ours.
We work all our lives, every day, nine-to-five.
The fruits of our labors
Are overripe, too sugary sweet
For our diminished senses to enjoy.
Where I’m from
We savor the little things
Until we loose them.
We live every moment
Until the next one comes,
And we get wrapped up in life’s latest catastrophe.
We love our neighbors
But not unless they love us first.
We learn from our mistakes
But they are all so different.
History can’t repeat itself if the
Players in the game are on different teams.

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