April 29, 2009
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Silently it comes and goes
Hiding behind the winds its
Heavenly austerity

It beckons the question of
Eternal consequence to
The inhabitants of the
Former and the yet to come

Scathingly it scales up to
Celestial spaces and
Indifferently runs down
To bastions nevermore
Whilst indifferent to the
Ethereal fantasies which
It carries away to the
Evermore, eternally

Existences made by
The path it chooses to take
On its stark journey lasting
Forever, never fading
Never ever faltering

It is perfection innate

Existing in nature, but
Separate from that which it
Controls with an unbending
Force unequaled by any
Natural concurrency

Incomprehensible and
Infallible, strings attached
At the beginning, never
To be loosed by mortal mere

For it was, and always will
Authorize all, all, and all
Tasking one and more again

Enter - heed the finale

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