April 29, 2009
Such a flirt, such a flirt
But she still thinks it's gonna work
Thinks he's gonna make up his mind
Say "I think she should be mine"
Oh, where will she draw the line?
The boy's just a flirt, just a flirt.

She's oh-so determined
To change a flirt, change a flirt
She'll just keep pushing 'til it hurts
Give her heart to just a flirt
Just a flirt.

He's waited for too long
Today he's gonna make his move
Planned out all the lines
It's just about his time
He wants to say "Yea, she's mine"
But he doesn't see what's wrong
She's such a flirt, such a flirt.

She said yes
He said "She's mine"
Two days later
It's not alright
It's not a fight
He'll give up tonight
He just didn't see what was wrong
He just couldn't see it with her songs
'Cause she's such a flirt, just a flirt.

On that night
She suddenly saw right
She thought it was the "light"
This helped her to see right
But she forgot once more
Because the boy she really adores
Is just a flirt
Always a flirt.

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