My Front Door

April 29, 2009
By Marissa Frye BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
Marissa Frye BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
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Close me again.
I get tired of you turning my handle,
to push me open, just to close me again.
I'm sick of being a revolving door for the house,
even thought i'm clearly hinged.
Your dog abuses me on a daily basis.
Does she really have to scratch me
when she wants in?
And what is with her pressing her wet, slimy nose,
making my once clean panes murky with snot?
My exterior is worn and wheathered from the constant rain and wind.
Many people come and knock on me.
Is that really necessary?
Can they not see the doorbell?
What clumsy people you are inviting over.
All of them come over and stumble
over my door jam.
I would advise a huge caution sign,
but that's just me.
I'm an opening to this house
with all the control of who enters.
Close me.
Close me.

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