April 29, 2009
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Love can’t be captured nor contained.
Love isn’t a sport and will never be a game.
It’s something that can’t be made nor destroyed.
There’s no guarantee any one will find it.
You don’t search for love, love finds you.
No dictionary holds the true meaning.
Love is like floating or perhaps even dreaming.
Many know what its like to find that special some one.
Yet some people wait a lifetime for him or her.
So when you find love when do you know and what age should you be?
Love is fun times and bad times.
Love is being able to read the signs.
The signs from god, that say hey it’s your soul mate.
Your soul mate is the person that god for you had to create.
Your soul mate may come across your path one day.
However, for now in terms of my soul mate I’ll have to PRAY!

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