April 30, 2009
By KellyAnne BRONZE, Oxnard, California
KellyAnne BRONZE, Oxnard, California
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People Im losing
The Bad People Im choosing
Drinking and Drugs heal the pain
Im Killing myself screaming in vain
The blurred memories of yesterday
Trien to remember the day
So for a while here ill Lay

Spirits inside me Say stop
Just one more shot then ill drop
Dont make me stop Im just fine
Im not drunk she says with a whine

Knowing i shouldnt
Ill take one more hit
I Know i shouldnt
This isnt where i fit

Cant walk Straight
Stumbling my words
My mood changes rapidly
I feel like im standing in my mind

She says dont worry just inhale
Your pain will leave
You'll be in a world
where you Will Never Fail
Inhale once more,this feels great
This feeling you'll never Escape

One more drink and youll feel fine
Pressures Off Next youll feel blind
Dropping to the floor
Thinking your under control

Livng the life
I thought would be fun
Pain gone away
Now its over its done

Lets take a break for a while
Here Up on the moutain
Where Jesus Connects
Come here child
Stay with me for a while

Making a trust no one can break
Up on the mountain
Is where i want to stay
This bond Is closer
then anything else

Thinking of every mistake
Thank you lord for that break
Those memories of the past
I aways wished they would last

It became a problem
But then i was saved by you
I cant do it by myself
All my faith held by you
Ill take a step closer
If you take one too

Every sin every tear
Every blind sighted fear
He can Take it way
Forever He'll be near

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to my walk with god <3

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