April 27, 2009
By @m@z!ng=) SILVER, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
@m@z!ng=) SILVER, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
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I hope we can work it out.
I can't see myself moving on to somebody new,
I can't see myself without you.
You make me the happiest iv'e ever been,
not only are you my boyfriend, you are my bestfriend.
I trust you with my heart,
I should have realized it from the start,
your all i need.
You truly satisfy me.
To picture me without you breaks me down.
I love it when you smile, but i wish you were really happy.
I try to do all I can to make things better, I understand your going through alot.
I have been here by your side,
hoping that will make a difference.
Sometimes thinking about it makes me all sad and blue,
but all I know is, baby, I love you!

The author's comments:
This is how it really feels sometimes...
You can comment if you would like, it's not my best work but i just had to get it off of my mind..

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