The Shock

April 27, 2009
By Kell*Po BRONZE, Stanton, Kentucky
Kell*Po BRONZE, Stanton, Kentucky
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Can you please tell me
Why you’re looking at me that way?
You notice every detail,
Yet you never see my face
Your eyes shoot through me
Burning into the core
And my first instinct tells me to run for the door
But it’s just not that simple
To walk away
I seem to be enchanted by your penetrating gaze
I sense the danger
And the pain you have potential to cause
But that passes in my mind to a minute, yet unavoidable flaw
Everything about you makes my senses come to life
I try to find new focus
But I’m lost in the depth of your eyes
My heart is pounding and I can’t seem to breathe
I’m lost in anticipation like a child on Christmas eve
I watch from a distance,
Trying to keep my space
I can’t even imagine being drawn any closer to the pristine beauty of your face
Your eyes stay focused, intended to cause intimidation
But it isn’t fear that I feel, but replaced with frustration
I don’t see why you study me like so,
Yet my gaze has fallen and it becomes impossible to let go
Quickly I turn in an attempt to walk away
But I feel a shock roll through my being like a tidal wave
I don’t understand the complexity of this magnetic attraction
Yet it seems as if this meeting was meant to happen
I debate on approaching you because it’s clear I can’t simply walk away
However, I don’t know if I even have the strength to stay
I feel an emotion simulating fear, almost terror
An excitement so overwhelming with the rush from a threatening predator
Then suddenly, you quickly run from my view
I stand still in shock as I continue looking for you
There is no explanation for the events that just occurred
But now my head is spinning in a suddenly tumultuous world
I know that things will never be the same,
My heart is now tattooed with the image of your face
I have to feel that electric current once again
Even if I have to force myself to become your friend
I am no longer sure of anything but this,
I have found true love in single instance of maddening bliss.

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