My Monsters!

April 27, 2009
By Rastafasta SILVER, Goodyear, Arizona
Rastafasta SILVER, Goodyear, Arizona
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I have many, many, monsters some are green and some are red.

These monsters play with me every hour untill I go to bed.

Now, these monsters...they like to change the way I think.

They get into my mind and flood it with ink!

But still, i LOVE my monsters....They are my very best friends.

Thats why i spend all my money on them, instead of stupid trends.

Some take my money and stick around for days!

While others only stay for hours, but never fail to amaze.

Now my favirot monster is mr. Green!

Because he is never-ever-ever mean......

And of course I cant forget Mr. Brown...

For without him, who would of invented clowns!

He makes me see things, that are unreal and strange.

Untill everything is unfamiliar, and I just want it to change...

I have alot monsters that are different colors and shapes.

They give me as much energy and strength as A pack of apes.

Some make me wanna dance and dance.

While others put me in A neverending trance.

I have many, many, monsters some are green and some are red.

I just hope, that because I love my monsters...I dont end up Dead!!!

The author's comments:
This poem was written some time ago by me, when I had a drug abuse that I have moved on in life I look at this as A sort of reminder of the path I could have taken, that ultimatlly would of ended in my downfall.

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