There's No Place Like Home

April 27, 2009
Although I cannot wait to be on my own,
I realize that there’s just no place like home.

The college that I'll attend won't be that far away,
From the town where I grew up which I'll miss everyday.

On Mondays, I'll miss eating red beans and rice,
While on Fridays, I'll miss seafood filled with lots of spice.

I'll miss shopping at Lakeside, the best mall in the south,
I'll miss hearing the local band named Cowboy Mouth.

I'll miss walking down Bourbon Street with all of my friends,
I'll miss the fun in the city where the partying never ends.

I'll miss so many things about the wonderful town called “The Big Easy,"
But I'm thrilled to be going to LSU, the new school where you'll find me.

I'm sure I'll miss Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, too,
But at LSU, I'll discover plenty of new things to do.

Even though I'll be constantly studying and staying up late,
I've heard that life at LSU is fun and totally great!

I will proudly wear my new college colors- purple and gold,
And I will enjoy sorority and fraternity parties, so I've been told!

I know I will miss seeing my beloved Saints play in the Superdome,
But I will love attending games in Death Valley, my LSU Tigers' home.

As I sadly leave New Orleans and my old friends behind,
I gladly go to Baton Rouge with new friends to find.

I know that the location doesn't always have to be the "perfect fit,”
Home is found within your heart. Home is where you make it.

So in my future, wherever else I may roam,
The saying is true..."There's no place like home!"

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